INTO Giving - supporting vulnerable children to get an education

A good education means a brighter future.

Did you know that INTO has its own global education charity?

From Asia to Africa, Europe to the Americas, INTO Giving stands up for disadvantaged and impoverished children and their teachers through our global family of education projects. By supporting education in  local communities worldwide, we are building a more stable future for everyone.

Last year, INTO Giving also donated more than $280,000 (£211,000) to COVID and humanitarian charities, alongside help for schoolchildren worldwide.


How YOU can be involved:

  1. Make a donation: 100% of the money we receive goes to helping schoolchildren
  2. Build your CV: create and manage an INTO Giving student event, grow your network and learn new skills.
  3. Fundraise with friends: get creative doing things you love, for causes you love!
  4. Raise awareness: follow our socials and give our posts a like and share! 

Your INTO Giving representative at NILE is Alice Warby.


"I was lucky enough to be given the role of NILE’s INTO Giving rep when I started working at NILE. It’s such a great charity with the focus of children’s education at its forefront. It’s a role I’m now really enjoying getting stuck into and look forward to future events and fundraising.  

At NILE, we recently held a promise auction to raise money for INTO Giving Refugee week. The staff members made promises that we then auctioned off to the highest bidders. The promises were amazing! We had people promise to give Language lessons, a camping trip on the Broads, a case of wine and many more amazing things. We had great fun making our promises and then bidding against one another to try and win them. We raised a fantastic £385.00 and know it is going to a great cause."