With a donations totaling £17,500 (US $19,680) between 2020 and today, INTO Giving is helping to provide 170 s…

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With a donations totaling £17,500 (US $19,680) between 2020 and today, INTO Giving is helping to provide 170 schoolchildren, all 7-13-years old (and more than half of them girls), with free afterschool tutoring and remedial lessons through Yayasan Usaha Mulia – or YUM, for short.

YUM’s Tutoring & Remedial programme operates aims in Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia where classes are oversized, with 40- 50 students. This condition fails to meet the standard of general education, especially for primary schoolchildren.

Circumstances worsen when there is little or no parental support at home. Few parents in Cipanas have adequate education, most only having graduated from primary school. It isn’t rare to find students in Year 4 (or above) who still have trouble reading and writing.

£4 or $4 once a month can help provide an afterschool tutorial for a young girl learning to read.

You’ll change her life. And your own.

YUM’s Tutoring & Remedial Programme is solving that – your support is solving that – through providing disadvantaged schoolchildren aged 7 to 13 years-old receive free after-school lessons in small groups of 10-15. Every year, around 170 children take part, of whom were 52% are girls.

Of the programme’s 7 tutors supported through your donations to INTO Giving, five are women.

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