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INTO Giving is supporting girls' education with $5,400 (£4,250 UK)

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With an initial grant of £9,250 (US $12,400), INTO Giving is partnering with the Children’s Education Foundation to sponsor the education of three schoolgirls in Vietnam.


Ha is an 11-year-old in Year 6 at school. She lives with her grandparents and uncle in a village outside Tam Ky. Both of her parents have died.

Ha’s grandfather is a fisherman ($13 a day during the fishing season); her grandmother sells what he catches at a local market; and her uncle is a barber. Good at maths (and studying without being reminded!) Ha struggles with IT.

Her dream is to be a doctor because while she visited her mother in the hospital when she was dying, she saw many doctors helping and treating their patients.



Hien is 13-years-old and in Year 8 at school near Gia Nghĩa, in the south. Her mother is a cleaner at a local market for $129 a month; her father is in a psychiatric hospital having burnt down the family home; and her older brother, who also had mental health problems, took his own life.

Hien’s favourite subject is literature because, through it, she learns about life. She struggles with English and maths, but she and some of her classmates created a learning group and three times a week go through homework of difficult subjects like maths, chemistry and physics.

Her dream is to be a restaurant chef after studying a culinary art program in a vocational training centre.



Trinh is 17-years-old and in Year 12, her final year at school. She thinks that she is not as smart as her friends, so every day spends five hours doing homework.

Trinh lives with her parents, sister and an uncle with mental health issues. Her father is a fisherman (earning around $6.50 a day) and her sister teaches at an international kindergarten in the day, whilst studying for bachelor’s degree at night. Good at chemistry, Trinh struggles with maths, especially algebra.

Her goal is to complete high school and take a vocational training course in tourism.

Your support for Ha, Hien and Trinh through INTO Giving will provide the girls’ school fees, stationery and other classroom materials, costs of books and compulsory uniforms, shoes (including sports shoes) and numerous other requisite school costs.

£5 or $5 can help Ha, Hien or Trinh with school supplies and school fees.

You'll change their lives for the better.

You'll change yours too.


*Note: photos are used with permission and names have been changed to protect the girls’ anonymity. Photo at top of page is courtesy of Danh Vo

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