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Your donations help to sponsor three girls through secondary education at this project

How can you help?

Between 2020 and today, INTO Giving has supported Children Education Foundation Vietnam with £15,000 ($16,870) to sponsor the education of schoolgirls in Vietnam.


Here are the three girls currently being supported by your donations: 

Nga lives with her mother and stepbrother. Their home is basic, in disrepair and is without a source of water. Her Father has no contact with the family. Besides planting rice for the family’s food, her mother collects wild vegetables and firewood in the forest. Her step-brother was a waiter at a restaurant in Tam Ky city but then lost his job due to the effect of Covid-19 in June. 

Nga is a good student and very good at communicating. She has loved going to school and applied to study Law. Because her family has never been able to afford her living and education costs in high school, every holiday, she had a part time job, in a restaurant and saved her earnings - Along with CEF’s scholarship for paying all her costs at school, she had enough. Due to the effect of Covid 19, lockdowns and social distancing, she couldn’t do any jobs during this last summer. Even with her job, Nga does not have enough to pay for her course and living costs. Your donations will help her dreams come true.

Thanh grew up with her parents, an older sister and brother. Last September, they started to build a new house but, her mother fell out of bed and suffered a traumatic brain injury, she sadly passed away. Thanh’s 58 year old father is a hardworking man, when his health allows, but is shy and a poor communicator. He works as a construction helper and gets a daily salary of US$10.78 when there is work. At home, he also grows some vegetables and raises a few chickens in their garden for selling. The family has a big debt which they borrowed from their relatives for her mother's emergency treatment and for building their house.

Thanh is a caring, thoughtful, and smart girl with dreams and hopes. She loves her family very much and wants to have a good job to help her father in the future. During her twelve years at school, she always tried her best to get good results and dreamed of going to university to study English or Chinese. At home, she helps her father to do housework and sells their vegetables and chicken eggs at the market. With a sponsorship, Thao will be able to continue onto university to study English. It will help her cover not only costs at university but also help reduce her father’s anxiety about her education costs and allow her to go. He had refused to let her go as he couldn’t afford any of the costs. Now she can.     

Hanh lives with her granny and mother. Her mother is a single mum who used to work as a farmer on two plots of rice land to support her family. Her house was located at the lowest area in the village, so all of the stagnant water in the area flooded her house regularly. In 2019, the local government wanted to remove their ‘poor household’ certification and change it to the ‘near to poor household’ certificate, so they were asked to rebuild, at a high cost. From then on she wasn’t worried about the flooding, but she has been worried about the debt which she borrowed from the government and her relatives. She now can’t farm, so she opened a tiny grocery shop at home and raises two sows to get piglets. Hanh’s grandmother is 85 years old and in ill health, so Hanh's mother has to close the shop to take care of her. 

Hanh is smart girl who takes her studies seriously and gets good results. Thanks to studying maths, she can help her mother calculate everything quickly at the grocery shop. After attending classes, she spends at least three hours a day studying on her own. In her free time, she likes reading books and discovering nature. She also helps her family with house chores and selling things at the grocery shop.

She is aware that education is very important for her future if she wants to find a good job and have a better life, so she strives for that every day.

Your support for Nga, Thanh and Hanh through INTO Giving will provide the girls’ school fees, stationery and other classroom materials, costs of books and compulsory uniforms, shoes (including sports shoes) and numerous other requisite school costs.

£5 or $5 can help Nga, Thanh or Hanh with school supplies and school fees.

You'll change their lives for the better.

You'll change yours too.


*Note: photos are used with permission and names have been changed to protect the girls’ anonymity. 

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