Abaseen Foundation

Abaseen Foundation supports some of the poorest people in the world who live in rural North West Pakistan to find a path out of poverty that can take them on a journey to a better future.

How can you help?

INTO Giving is supporting the Abaseen Foundation Pakistan with £6,000 ($6,635) to help support the long term promotion of girls' education in the region.

Nominated by staff at INTO Manchester, INTO Giving will send funds to the Abaseen project to help keep girls in school.

In 2021, 24 girls graduated from the high school with 'A' level equivalents. However, only 3 were able to to take up the opportunity of attending University, primarily due to the cultural barriers of attending an institution some distance from home.

In response, from 2022, Abaseen Foundation is initiating a Higher Education programme for the girls and  INTO Giving's grant will help with the opening of a new library to support this.

It is anticipated that the girls graduating with this degree will find jobs in local schools, and thus inspire many other girls to stay in education beyond primary school, which is the normal age girls leave education in this region. 

Girls living in the poorest and most marginalised communities near Peshawar will benefit from this project.


The Abaseen Foundation has built, and continues to run, 3 schools with almost 1,500 students in attendance.

Despite being of marriageable age a significant number of girls remain in school, representing a shift in cultural attitudes to female education.

Literacy rates for girls in this area are less than 3%.

Abaseen Foundation believes that ‘If we educate a girl, we educate a mother and a whole family’.

The schools’ objectives:

  • To provide quality education to the students from marginalised communities of Peshawar and adjacent settled areas.

  • To create an attitude in the area that values education as a way out of the poverty

  • To support families who cannot afford education for their children

  • To encourage families to send girl to school

  • To discourage drop-outs of children, especially in girls’ education

  • To encourage students, especially girls, to enrol in secondary school after primary education

The families pay a nominal community contribution for their child to attend our schools in order to create a sense of ‘ownership’ of the project. The poorest families receive 100% financial support.

The children in our schools are highly motivated and they strive for something which would normally be beyond their wildest dreams.

Vocational training centre

AF PK has established a Vocational Center at Shamshatoo under its livelihood enhancement program for job creation for the poorest people including male and females of the area. The training trades include stitching and embroidery, tailoring, welding, mobile repair, electrician and computer training.

Community Support

The area where Abaseen Foundation is operating is inhabited by marginalised people who either work in low paid daily wage jobs or are unemployed. Most of the families migrated into the area due to different calamities including wars, terrorism or economic reasons. There are a number of families who do not own a house or any land and live as tenant of people with means.

AF has launched a modest scheme of finding a small piece of land which can accommodate 8-9 families. Abaseen Foundation purchased a piece of land that’s 71 marlas (19,000 square foot) between Shamshatoo and Baghbanan from the local land owners for 7,000 GBP.


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