Are you fundraising for a charitable cause close to your own heart? Then our iGive programme is here for you.

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What is iGive? - INTO Giving's campaign that increases your fundraising for causes close to your heart by 20% 


How does it work? - If you're an INTO Giving employee or student and are conducting a fundraiser, if you put the funds through us first we'll increase the total by 20% and match the total for our INTO Giving projects

Why was this set up? -  To provide support to the wider range of causes supported our wider INTO family.

Why Does the money need to go through INTO Giving? - Because we are a charity - we have to show a total coming into our account and then that total plus 20% leaving it. This is just for our own financial tracking and auditing.

Who can this help? - We've made our remit as wide as possible to ensure we capture as many non-profits as we can! You can find out more about the areas we support below. But so far you've raised over £35,000 (US $43,000) which we've topped up by 20% for causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Children in Need, Cancer Research UK, The STROKE Association and East Anglia's Children's Hospice. 


How do I get involved? - Have a look at the flow chart and if you think you're eligible for this campaign drop us an email and we'll get back to you! email info@into-giving.com 





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Why choose iGive?

Because it comes with bonuses. Very big and tangible bonuses. We're talking about matched funding that MORE THAN DOUBLES your fundraising. In other words, what you raise for a charity close to your own heart adds up to a whole lot more.

To understand more about how our matched funds work click here 


iGive to humanitarian and community causes worldwide


Our wider remit includes all of the following areas: To get more information on each area, click on the picture below.



Setting up my iGive fundraiser

So you've decided to use the iGive campaign to increase your fundraising - that's great news! 

 Before you set anything up, it's important to work out and to let us know how you will be transferring us the money, this is so we can track it, know your total and then pass it onto your chosen charity with the extra 20% included. 

Our iGive logo should be used in your fundraising promotions and during your event. This is to help us raise awareness of the campaign and of INTO Giving projects too, you can download this logo here or the team at INTO Giving will email it directly to you on your initial contact about your fundraiser. 

The next step is working out how you would like to channel your donations. We have several options for this, either by using a Just Giving page, by donating online using the iGive portal or by completing a direct bank transfer. 

If setting up a Just Giving page the main charity needs to be set as INTO Giving, we have an easy to use template that explains the iGive process and leaves space for you to add information about your chosen charity. You can download this template here. Or feel free to create your own content and explanation, INTO UEA staff set up an iGive fundraiser if you'd like to see a good example of how this should look.

If using the iGive online donation portal please do ensure that you have emailed info@into-giving.com with details of your chosen charity and the total amount raised. Although we can track this using our portal it is easier (and more cost-effective) to make just the one payment transaction to your charity and so knowing the total means we know when to do this. 

If you would like to send us a direct bank transfer please email info@into-giving.com for more information. Please be aware that when using this option Gift Aid would not be added.