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From 2019 to present day in 2022, INTO Giving has supported the Venkatraman Trust with £29,700 ($33,400) to sponsor young girls to get into university and help provide them with a high class education.

In 2022/23, IG is supporting teacher salaries as well as helping build a new wing to the Venkat Higher Secondary School, which has DOUBLED in the number of students since opening its doors in 2013.

Read below about some of the girls who have benefitted so far!


Top of her class

Chosen course: BCom Finance & Chartered Accountancy

Ambition: Accounts Auditor/Financial Analyst

Family: fisherman father, mother and younger sister

Hobbies: Dancing, singing, crafts

Answar Sowfia

Chosen course: BCom General Ambition:

Bank manager

Family: father who has a roadside stall, mother and two brothers

Hobbies: Singing


Chosen course: BCom in Bank Management

Ambition: Bank Manager

Family: gardener mother and younger brother, father deceased

Hobbies: Weaving wire baskets, tailoring


Chosen course: BCom Bank Management

Ambition: Company Secretary

Family: Father, a granite cutting machine operator, mother and sisters

Hobbies: Writing Tamil poetry, reading


Chosen course: BSc Psychology and then a post-grad degree

Family: Vishali is an orphan and lives with her older fisherman brother and sister

Hobbies: Crafts


Chosen course: BCom General

Ambition: Banking industry

Family: father, a casual boat operator, mother, brother and sister

Hobbies: Singing

About Venkat Trust

Venkat is a local education project in Kovalam, a small and impoverished fishing village in Tamil Nadu, on the south east coast of India.

Through the Venkat sponsorship scheme, 400 of the poorest children, 60% of them girls, are guaranteed improved welfare and the opportunity to realise their potential through further education.

Of the 65 now at university, 40 of them female. A further 62 have already graduated from university, of whom 36 are women.

£4 or $4 can help a girl with dreams go on to higher education

Support a young woman make her dreams come true today

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