How to set up a JustGiving page

Here are some instructions of how to set up a JustGiving page for an iGive event. 

And here are some tips on what to include when you personalise your webpage: 

  • Why you’re doing it (optional)
  • ‘Tell your supporters your story’ (definitely do this)
    • TIP – there’s no need to write tons. Just write about the non-profit whom you’re supporting
    • TIP – it’s not necessary, but it sometimes helps to give examples of what donations will help do. For example:

$10 or £10 can provide

£20 or $20 could help

$50 or £50 can supply THIS

$100 or £100 can provide THAT 

  • TIP – it's helpful to say – perhaps at the bottom of whatever else you write – INTO Giving is UK registered charity No 1126262, or if you’re in the US, a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization
  • Adjust the fundraising target
    • TIP – select an achievable target, based on your fundraising event 
  • Change the photo (you will have been assigned a random photo for your event)

You’re then returned to your INTO Giving webpage, where there are options to share on Facebook, Twitter and email, as you like!