INTO Volunteering

For INTO students and employees ready to roll up your sleeves

Volunteering is a terrific way to give something back to your local community or a cause close to your own heart. It’s also a way to develop or hone new skills.

Step-by-step volunteering guidelines

  1. Employee completes volunteering request form available from INTOnet
  2. Manager signs approval
  3. Employee scans and emails manager signed form to INTO Giving and to local INTO HR representative
  4. Employee logs volunteer day(s) on Workday, and manager approves
  5. Employee volunteers get charity (at which they’re volunteering) to sign form verifying employee has completed a specified number of hours
  6. Employee sends INTO Giving any volunteering pictures or videos; INTO Giving promotes online and social media, and adds portfolio of volunteering photos and videos.
  7. Please send pictures and video to


  • Volunteering may be taken as half-days or full days – one-half day, one day, one and a half days, two days – and not numerous one or two hour segments that, in time, total half or full days
  • Volunteering days cannot be used as annual leave
  • Volunteering days are not available to new employees serving their probationary period, where applicable
  • New employees who join INTO in the first half of the financial year (Aug– Jan) receive 2 volunteering days once passing probation; those who join from February onward receive 1 day following passing probation
  • Volunteering days – two per annum 1 Aug - 31 July – are replenished at the start of the financial year (1st August)


  • Volunteering days expire at the end of each calendar year; any unused volunteering days are not carried forward
  • Employees are responsible for arranging their own transport and food when volunteering (although these are sometimes provided by the host non-profit)
  • Weekend volunteering activities do not earn employees a day off in lieu
  • If a cross-departmental team of employees wish to volunteer, it requires signed approval of all managers whose team members are volunteering
  • The project or charity you volunteer with must fall within our wider remit - if you are unsure if something does, email us for clarification. 

Helpful hints

  • Many charities will list volunteering days on their website, most typically under landing page headings such as ‘Get involved or ‘How you can help’
  • Volunteering needn’t be confined to activities such as cleaning up an outdoor public space, painting a community centre or serving food at a homeless shelter. If you have a particular skill – for example IT, Excel, or graphic design – non-profits also need help in areas of ‘professional’ expertise
  • Wherever appropriate, please send photos or videos of your volunteering (quick blogs very welcome too) to

INTO Employee Volunteering Policy

General Policy Statement

INTO University Partnerships and its non-profit arm, INTO Giving, are pleased to offer INTO employees two volunteering days per annum.

Employees may volunteer, individually or in teams, at any charity that falls within INTO Giving’s range of humanitarian and community charitable causes:

  • Education
  • Poverty prevention and relief
  • Advancement of health
  • Community development
  • Amateur sport
  • Environmental protection and improvement
  • Science
  • Human rights
  • Social diversity and harmony
  • Relief of those suffering disability
  • Relief of social or medical disadvantage
  • Efficiency of fire, rescue and ambulance services

INTO employees who use their two annual volunteering days, whether in total or in part, should complete the INTO Giving employee volunteering form and submit it to their manager for approval at least 10 working days prior to proposed volunteering date.

The timing of volunteering is subject to manager approval.