What we do

INTO Giving lifts children and young people around the world out of poverty by improving access to good quality education in disadvantaged areas. We partner with charities and projects that provide and increase access to education, improve the quality of teaching and learning, and encourage young people to complete their education. 

INTO Giving projects has built schools in China and Zambia; We sponsor children through school, provide text books for every child, subject and teacher in a school for orphans and vulnerable children, pay teachers’ salaries and funding teacher training in the Gambia.

Making A Difference

INTO Giving's fundraising has provided teacher training in the Gambia which resulted in raising the quality of teaching and learning for these pre-school children.  Following the training, the Gambian government inspectors rated all the Helping schools 9 out of 10 for the quality of teaching and the environment,  great progress in a country where the average rating is 4 or 5 out of 10.  As a result of the teacher training programme the children are now progressing successfully to primary school and some are even skipping a year. 

The school we have helped fund in Lusaka, the Chawama Centre for Education and Empowerment, now has over 70 orphans and vulnerable children who were previously unable to attend school.  The funds we have sent have also helped support the salaries of the teachers at the school and pay for text books for every child and every teacher.   All these investments help increase access to the school and improve the quality of teaching and learning.  Each term the children take a series of tests in English, mathematics, science, social development and creative activities and 75% of them are scoring over 50%  in their tests - a major achievement for orphans and vulnerable children who often struggle in school.

The HOPE project in China has provided an excellent teaching environment over three years for the children in Liangou village who had no school from 2008 until 2010.  The children had three good years at the INTO Giving funded school and were being well taught but, as a result of the problems with 'left-behind-children' the school has been closed down and the children have now been moved to HuiShui Town, where they are being taught in larger schools.  Some are boarding in makeshift dormitories and INTO Giving is liaising with Project Hope and the local government to ensure they are attending school, have appropriate accommodation and are eating well. 

In all the above, the provision of school lunches is vital in enabling the children to concentrate and complete a full day at school.