UK Prize Draw FAQs

How do I buy a ticket?

This year, due to social distancing restrictions, all tickets will be purchased online.

For example: If you donate £5 on the prize draw payment page, your name will be entered into the draw five times.  If you donate £10, your name will be entered ten times.

On Prize Draw Day, we will use a random selector to pick out our winners.

A few simple steps on the payment page and you’re done! You will need to leave your name, email address and telephone number – Without these we have no way of getting your prize to you! Buy your tickets here.

When is the draw?

Tickets are on sale 7th- 28th April 2021

Prize Draw Day is 30th April 2021

Why do I have to be over 18?

Flight vouchers and alcohol would not be able to be claimed by anyone under 18