UK Donating FAQs

plus-circleminus-circle What is iGive?

INTO Giving's campaign that increases your fundraising for causes close to your heart by 20%

plus-circleminus-circle How does it work?

If you're an INTO Giving employee or student and are conducting a fundraiser, if you put the funds through us first we'll increase the total by 20%

plus-circleminus-circle Why was this set up?

To provide support to the wider range of causes supported our wider INTO family.

plus-circleminus-circle Why does the money need to go through INTO Giving?

Because we are a charity, we have to show a total coming into our account and then that total plus 20% leaving it.

plus-circleminus-circle Who can this help?

We've made our remit as wide as possible to ensure we capture as many non-profits as we can! You can find out more about the areas we support below. So far you've raised over £50,000 (US $66,000) which we've topped up by 20%, meaning causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Action for Huger USA, Hope Through Action Africa and The Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka (to name just a few) have received over £60,000 since 2017!

plus-circleminus-circle How do I get involved?

Have a look at the flow chart and if you think you're eligible for this campaign drop us an email and we'll get back to you! email

plus-circleminus-circle What is the maximum amount of funds that iGive will top-up?

Up to $/£5000 can be topped up under the iGive scheme.