INTO Giving believes everyone has the right to a home, and in supporting those in need of help finding safe places to live.

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INTO Giving is donating $220,000 (£170,000 GBP) to help US and UK homeless and vulnerable people with housing, food, practical support and education



San Diego, California has the 4th highest rate of homelessness in the United States. Across the US, there are more than 1.2 million homeless students, including 23,000 in San Diego County alone.

INTO Giving is supporting 350 K-12 homeless and vulnerable schoolchildren at the San Diego Monarch School with a donation of $25,000. Monarch School students come from households living in shelters, motels, single room occupancy housing, camp sites, cars, or on the streets.

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Brighton, East Sussex, has the 2nd highest number of rough sleepers in England. One in 69 people are homeless or living in temporary accommodation, the 3rd highest proportion in England.

Among the most vulnerable are women living in temporary accommodation or rough sleeping.

INTO Giving is donating £25,000 ($33,000 US) over each of the next three years to Brighton Housing Trust to support 80 vulnerable women each year. Click here to find out more

We are also donating another £25,000 ($33,000 US) over each of the next three years FareShare Sussex to provide 100,000 meals to women’s refuges, homeless charities and community foodbanks across the counties of Sussex and Surrey. Click here to find out more


Brighton Housing Trust

INTO Giving is supporting 240 vulnerable and homeless women at the Brighton Housing Trust with a three-year grant totalling £75,000.



Homeless women often have a history of domestic abuse at the hands of their partners, and childhood abuse. Many of the most vulnerable flee abuse and sleep rough, where they are at acute and daily risk of experiencing further abuse and trauma.

Homelessness among women is deeply dangerous. It is also deeply damaging – not only for these women, as individuals, but also for their wider family and relationships with their children.

Meanwhile, women-specific homeless services are few and far between.



INTO Giving is supporting the cost of a new fulltime specialist worker at Threshold, the Brighton Housing Trust women-specific programme.  This new specialist worker will provide psychological support to 80 women per year for three years (2019-22).

Women at Threshold will also receive:

  • Housing support
  • Well-being classes, including art therapy (for mothers and children) and yoga, and food and mood workshops
  • Peer support sessions to build positive social networks
  • Help to overcome any alcohol/substance abuse

Vulnerable and homeless women and women in temporary accommodation will benefit greatly from Threshold services at Brighton Housing Trust. Outcomes include:

  • Reduced homelessness and risk of homelessness
  • Reduced isolation
  • Reduced substance/alcohol use
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Improved mother/child relationships
  • Access to training, education, volunteering and employment


INTO Giving’s grant is being matched pound-for-pound by a three-year £75,000 grant from the Colin Family Foundation.


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FareShare Sussex

INTO Giving is providing 100,000 meals to homeless charities, women’s refuges and community foodbanks, and supporting employment training with a three-year grant totalling £75,000



For homeless people and those living in temporary accommodation, lack of food is a serious and daily problem, affecting women and men, children and families alike.

At the same time, tonnes of food is lost to waste and sent to landfills. In turn this produces greenhouse gas admission, which harm our environment.



INTO Giving is supporting the crucial day-to-day costs of FareShare Sussex , including food collection, storage and distribution to homeless projects, community foodbanks and women’s refuges. In total, FareShare Sussex provides food to more than 125 community and charity organisations.

FareShare Sussex is reliant on local volunteers who work with a small staff team to collect and distribute food. A portion of INTO Giving’s donation supports volunteering costs.


In the second and third year of our partnership, INTO Giving will also support the delivery of a training and education programme for people who use community foodbanks, to help them move away from food poverty and into further education or employment.

Through cutting food waste, we are helping reduce greenhouse gasses emissions and helping rescue our environment.

INTO Giving’s grant is being matched pound-for-pound by a three-year £75,000 grant from the Colin Family Foundation.


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