A School for Malagiri

A school for children in Nepal

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INTO Giving is sticking up for girls and boys education in Nepal with a £5,000 (US $6,400) donation.

Situated 2,300 metres up in the Himalayas, in the remote area of Malagiri, families live in extreme poverty. Homes here are basic, constructed of rough-hewn wood, with no glazing in windows and no electricity. Until 2011, there was also no primary school: children faced a two hour walk to schooltwo hours each way.

Today, 60 children attend the local Malagiri school. INTO Giving is providing half the school’s running costs, thus supporting not only children’s education, but also nutritional meals and day care in a safe place while their parents work the land and tend crops.

Approximately 60% of Malagiri schoolchildren are girls. 

Broadly, the grant received contributed to funding of the School's budget of £22,800 for the current financial year, meaning that the school is continuing to provide education to over 60 children in this remote area of Nepal (60% of which are female).

More specifically the £5000 has paid for the 60 children attending, to receive education 6 days a week in the safety of the School grounds, with all their meals cooked on site and all the while supervised by teachers and staff (appointed by the Jangchup trust) for roughly 3 months.

This kind of support makes such a huge difference to our fund raising efforts. Without the school in their community, children of Malagiri would have no education and would spend their time at their family homes, many of which have no running water/electricity. Although the living conditions of the villagers is relatively poor, the running of the school provides a place where their children can develop and grow in safety with resources and ongoing care.

The grant has greatly helped to secure the continued running of the School as a place of education and as a safe environment for children of primary age from the local region. The sustained provision of education, meals and structure by the school impacts positively on the wellbeing of the children attending and their development for their future.

£5000 covers almost a quarter of a year of the running costs and as a small group of volunteers it is often difficult raising this amount, and therefore it has been of huge significance to us as a committee, continually striving to raise funds. The impact of the grant for the children has been in provision of, quality education (where none was available before the school was built), but is also to be noted through their improved health (though nurture, nutrition and care).

The 60+ children attending at Malagiri continue to benefit from being in school 6 days per week, where they are educated and receive meals in a safe environment. The local community also benefit from knowing their children are looked after and receiving quality tuition.

Additionally, two of our BA (Hons) Education students visited the school as part of their second year international placement. They spent some time in Nepal at Schools in Kathmandu carrying out observational research for their placement learning projects.

The students then visited the Malagiri School on a day trip which was arranged through our contacts in Nepal where they observed the pupils being taught in lessons and engaging in school activities. They reported the general wellbeing of children was excellent.


The Malagiri School has faced many challenges, including the devastating earthquake in 2015 which destroyed some of the school buildings -- tents were used for many months while additional funds were raised for a repair and rebuild programme.

The school has become an important part of the community and is attended by more and more children each year, and relies 100% on charitable donations to pay for teaching and support staff, materials and to ensure that each child has a hot meal each and every day.  

INTO Giving is keeping the school running through helping provide basic costs. Please join us in supporting this project children at Malagir Your donation, regardless of size, will make a real and immediate impact.

For example:

•           £5 could pay for a week's supply of gas and electricity at the school

•           £10 could pay for a hot school meal for three children for a week

•           £30 could pay for an assistant teacher for a week

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