Repairs to Sankumpe Primary school, Northern Ghana.

In May 2009, The Wulugu Project built a 3-classroom school in Sankumpe, a traditional village. Before their intervention there was no school in place for the children.

The Wulugu Project 2019 update!

23 May 2019

Wulugu Project - April 2019


The school has gone from strength to strength, with numbers of girls increasing to match those of boys.  Small, timely repairs have been made by the Parent Teacher Association. The project also provided toilets, in 2014.

The Wulugu Project visited the school in 2018, and the following is what they found… 

“When we visited in 2018 there were 172 pupils and 3 teachers. Pupils there were terrific—keen and eager to learn. Teachers were enthusiastic.

The school structure looked good at first glance.  However, the headmaster was rightly very concerned about a substantial crack that ran through the whole building and had affected the partition wall of the first classroom. He pointed out that, without proper repair, the whole building was likely to collapse, leaving the village once more without any school. They had approached the Local Education Authority and other agencies for help without success.”  

Sankumpe cracks both outside and in .

“The repair works needed the removal of an entire wall and rebuilding it, together with construction of a strong supporting pillar in the place of the crack path. The intention was to lay iron rods along the entire path of the crack to stop it from moving to other parts and damaging the building further.

At the same time the school wanted to change the wooden doors to metal; to open the brick windows to allow more light and ventilation in the classroom and to patch up the veranda and floors.

We were delighted to receive funding for this work from INTO, and repairs began shortly after, that but the unseasonal and unpredictable heavy rains continually interfered with the normal speedy work of our team. Since some of the builders have children at the school, they tried their best to carry out the work as quickly as the weather would allow and to a high standard.”

Problems encountered.

“It is almost impossible for those who are not familiar with the unimaginable difficulties that exist in regions like the one we work in. Solomon, our project leader, has tried to explain some of the hurdles of this project:


At the time work could commence we had a referendum to vote for New regions and the Northern region was to be split into three different regions with two new additions. These seldom bring about conflict as ethnic groups and their land would be ceded into other jurisdictions which will make it difficult for the tribes to be under their desired traditional Kingdoms

Once the referendum was done away with, the funerals of murdered chiefs had to be performed and this again is a no-go area for people in the North. These murders had taken place over 16years and the funerals could not be performed because of tribal jostling for autonomy over the other and the politicians in trying to save their votes, kept playing the Ostrich.

However, the new Government felt it was necessary to restore the Peace and tranquillity in the area by dividing the region along the tribal lines and performing long-awaited funerals.”

Building repairs were completed in March 2019.

“The strengthening to the whole building will ensure that the present building will be strong for up to 20 more years.

Now that education has become fully accepted and in demand, all village children want to be in primary school. At the end of this, they move to Junior High. This gives them the opportunity to sit the exams they need to progress to Senior High.”

Outputs and outcomes

“The school has been fully restored.

The new windows and doors are termite-proof so will last for many years. The comprehensive repairs mean that the whole school is now far more durable, is no longer dangerous and is fully fit for purpose.”





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