Sports, sweepstakes, sunshine and salad have taken over at Oregon State University.

It's summer, and that means football and food!

Oregon gets in a FLUTTER over the Women’s FIFA World Cup, and some VIP tomatoes cause a stir!

06 Jun 2019

They’ve been kicking off the summer season by supporting the Women’s FIFA World Cup and raising important funds for INTO Giving!

As you may know, INTO Giving has a special focus on supporting women across the globe as this is particularly vital for creating a more equal world, and, for developing the wider community.

OSU have jumped at the idea of supporting such an amazing international women’s event and have set up a fundraising sweepstake in their office, inviting employees to join in, for a great cause!

Last year they raised over $700 and are hoping to do even better this year, they have even spread the enthusiasm (and competition!) across the pond to Brighton, who have also decided to try their luck at their own sweepstake!

So why not get together with your mates to watch a match or two and join OSU and INTO Giving in supporting women in sports!

Send us a photo of you cheering them on to our social media with #intogiving #supportwomen #worldcup!

But hold on, that’s not all!

They’re also swinging into summer with home-grown tomato plants on sale, from the green fingered Erich Gabriel. Erich is an INTO Giving regular and has raised hundreds of dollars with this brilliant scheme.

He has been diligently growing the tomato starts himself, and now the sunny weather is signalling the start of sale season!

With the success of last years crop flying off the shelves, Erich has had to get a bit inventive this time around. These tomatoes are now so popular they have their own spreadsheet!

For a special club fee, he is giving early VIP access to the ‘reserve-a-tomato-plant’ spread sheet, raising even MORE money in the process, for education projects all around the world.

These are just some of the amazing activities our employees and students take part in across the globe, to raise money for INTO Giving.

The work we have been able to do, is funded directly by the INTO family; students, staff and friends alike, so give yourselves an enormous round of applause, none of this would be possible without you all.


A million thanks for your hard work,

INTO Giving Team


To see the projects YOU have directly supported, check out our project page: