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31 Oct 2019

INTO Giving are proud sponsors of a variety of global educational projects. You may wonder how we select the projects we support, and the truth is we don’t! (really). Each year wonderful INTO employees nominate projects close to their hearts for consideration for funding from INTO Giving. This year we had a huge number of nominations, so thank you sincerely to everyone who submitted one. We read through them all, and our Board of Trustees then have the very difficult job of choosing just three projects we would like to take onto our roster!  

We are pleased to announce three new projects we will collaborate with over the coming years:

Building Blocks- Nominated by Bob Gilmour (INTO OSU)

This well-established charity advocates for equal access to education for children in slum areas in India. They aim to provide them with a well-rounded education which means they won’t be at a disadvantage compared to middle class or wealthy children. These educational centres also provide a safe haven for children, where things like: running water, washing their hands, and using colourful crayons are all luxuries which they would not be afforded in their homes. The provision of free education for children living in real poverty is made possible entirely from charitable donation. With the donation from INTO Giving roughly twenty children will be able to go to school for an entire year.

Venkatraman Memorial Trust- Nominated by Mike Atkins (Brighton HQ)

Sylvia Holder met Venkatraman when he was 12 years old, and he asked her for £10 to cover his school fees for the next year. She decided she wanted to make a more lasting difference and decided to sponsor him for the remainder of his school days and into university. With this sponsorship Venkatraman graduated from Chennai university and went on to build his own business. Then at the age of twenty-seven, he was tragically killed in a road accident. Sylvia was devastated and wanted to honour his memory by making a lasting difference to his hometown. The trust now sponsors schools across Kovalam, and the funds donated from INTO Giving will give six girls the opportunity to go to university.

Global Learning Exchange Initiative (GLXi) Guatemala- Nominated by Annie Rosenkranz (INTO SLU)

The mission of Global Learning Exchange Initiative (GLXi) is to empower a new generation of people in developing countries to create sustainable opportunity through literacy and continuing education. GLXi was founded in 2013 and deployed its first classroom in 2014. In 2019 the program is being taught in 42 classrooms, in 5 regions of Guatemala. This curriculum offers individualised reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that are severely lacking in the current half-day school system and reading programs that rely on rote memorisation. The model works to improve teacher sustainability and student retention in a country where many teachers themselves cannot pass literacy assessments, 2 million children do not attend school, and those who do attend school often leave by 5th grade due to inability to properly read and write. INTO Giving funds will mean the programme can continue running and expand to even more places in Guatemala where this resource is desperately needed.

Watch this space for the shiny new project pages coming very soon! In the meantime learn more about our wonderful new projects at their websites here: