The Bumba Foundation tell us what they've been doing with the funding we've given

And they've been working hard! 

An update from The Bumba Foundation

14 Jan 2019

Last October we provided the Bumba Foundation with £6500 to build two new classrooms, these will be a learning space for 52 girls and also a hub and base for the local community. A space where community members can come and learn about poverty reduction, health and vocational training. 

In December the students at our community schools broke up for their Christmas holidays, which is also the end of the academic year in Uganda. However, at our community school in Mugiti the noise didn't break up, as we have been very busy continuing with the construction of our new two classroom building which INTO Giving has supported us with. 


By the end of November we had completed the foundations of the new classroom building and the initial brickwork, which allowed us to focus in December on the construction of the roof. The roofing involved the manufacturing in Kampala of the lightweight steel beams, which were then transported to the site (6hrs away) and reconstructed and installed in to the building, before being covered with roofing sheets. This is an innovative process for many places in Uganda, but has become the appropriate standard for all Bumba Foundation constructions and allows the buildings to be of the highest quality, long lasting and sustainable. Once the roof was constructed we moved forward with the laying of the concrete floor, installing the windows and doors and then the plastering of the inside and outside of the building.




With the value the local builders have in the Bumba Foundation projects, we have been able to construction the building ahead of schedule and to the highest standard, which we hope will be completed by the end of January (2 months a head of schedule) and will also coincide with the start of the new academic term and "lots of laughter, noise and smiles".  

We'll be providing you with more updates soon!