Using paid Volunteer Days for Team Building!

A team of people from the Brighton office used up one of their paid volunteer days volunteering for Weald Allotments

Hind tells us more about the day...

04 May 2018

On April 4th, fourteen colleagues from the Marketing department went on their very first Volunteering Day at the Weald Allotments, in Hove. In the weeks leading to the volunteering day, I had been in touch with Alan Phillips, very active member of the Brighton and Hove Organic Gardening Group, to discuss how we could possibly help our local community.

Alan has been very helpful and welcoming, and he was, in fact, looking forward to seeing a group of INTO employees trading computers and smart attires for spades and welly boots.

We kicked off the day at 9 am and were lucky to have the weather on our side. We were divided into small groups and each of us tried our hand at the different activities: weeding, composting, wood chipping, pruning, etc. The day finished at around 2 pm after a convivial lunch break.

We were amazed to see the progress after a few hours of teamwork and so was Alan, we could easily measure our hard work on how muddy and sweaty we were when leaving the allotments!

The Volunteering Day was a good opportunity to step away from the screens and getting to know each other whilst contributing to our lovely local community.


Thank you INTO Giving!



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