Run Arianna! Run!

Arianna Bellanca tells us about her year of running to raise funds for INTO Giving, and how she caught the racing bug! 

Run Arianna! Run!!

31 Oct 2017

Had you told me a few years back, that I’d become a runner, I would have laughed in your face.

When I started running I couldn’t run for more than 300 meters. Breathlessness, chest pain, and above all, I hated running. I didn’t see the point in it.

If you asked me why I started running, I am still not able to give you an answer. I started jogging with my boyfriend two or three times a week, but it’s not that he forced me into it. We just started. And I hated it.

But then, little by little, I realised how fast I was building up. It got easier, I started to lengthen the route, my breath got getter, my heartbeat became more regular, and I finally started enjoying it!

My achievements made me feel good and proud. The endorphins started kicking in!

Before I knew it, I caught the racing bug and it became a healthy addiction…I couldn’t stop! I started buying sports clothes, running shoes, running watch….something that would have been unthinkable only a few months earlier!

I was never really aware of road races until I got into running. Andrea and I run our first 5k in March 2016 in Battersea Park, and we started realising that there were so many other events in London throughout the year. I ran my first Race for Life 10k a few months later in Hyde Park and I enjoyed fundraising for a great cause.

We were starting planning running events for 2017 when I thought: why not raising funds for a charity close to us that we are passionate about?

INTO Giving was the first option that came to my mind. I have always taken part to INTO Giving events here at INTO City, University of London, from a bake sale to INTO cycling, and the choice came spontaneously.

The thought of being able to support INTO Giving and help children across the world having access to education gave me the boost to start our running adventure. We planned to run one road race every month, including the biggest challenge: running two half marathons (our first half marathons) over the summer!

We raised a total of £250 so far and we cannot thank the people who donated enough. It has been an incredible experience that required a huge amount of dedication and pushed us through a long and strict training. The thought that we were doing this for a great cause helped us during the moments of tiredness and fatigue. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same without the fundraising side of it!

Every runner will definitely agree with me that road races are addictive and so much fun. In fact, our last event of 2017 was supposed to be on 15th October, but we can’t get enough of it, so we signed up for another 10k in a couple of weeks’ time, and I am sure it won’t be the last this year!