Abe writes about his experience working in the INTO Giving Team

For 2 days Abe joined us in the Brighton office to learn about INTO Giving and to plan future events....

Abe joins the INTO Giving Team

22 Aug 2017

Work experience with INTO Giving

Day 1

When I got to the office I was shown around by Carol from HR I got to meet everybody I would be working with for the next 2 days.

I started my work for INTO Giving by watching videos of the projects that INTO Giving raises money for, after this, I saw a PowerPoint presentation that Naomi created showing the different schools that they helped.

I also took over INTO Giving social media and spent the afternoon at reception with Grace and Sophie, where I answered questions from other INTO staff members about my experience in the office.

I also started to do a blog on Refugee camps and finished it at the end of the day.


Day 2

On day 2, I was spending a lot of time on my fundraising event, creating posters and plans. I then moved onto actually making a business plan for the event.

In the afternoon, I was back at reception and worked on my plan.

I really enjoyed my two days in the office and would love to go back. I enjoyed the work and making new friends.



Abe speaks about his experience visiting a refugee camp and what he has learned during his time working with INTO Giving: 


"The people live in camps so the material of the tent will make it hot because in Jordan it is hot so they might have trouble breathing and in winter it is very cold so they might freeze too.



Children may have a small amount of water to cool themselves down so they will get dehydrated and may die and some may starve too



Some people are raising money to help these poor families to buy food and water to survive, some people are making schools and some are teaching the kids.



INTO Giving has raised $11,000 to support refugee kids at the Jusoor School for kids from 6 to 17 years old so the school is helping the kids a lot.

We can buy food and water to help all these poor people survive, we can give money to help them buy what they need.


I myself feel very sad that these poor families have lost their loved ones and their houses so I’m happy INTO Giving stepped up and helped those families to have a better future.

I have been to a refugee camp before to help the families there and I was shocked at how many people were there and the old destroyed houses on my journey to the refugee camp, I felt so sad people had to live in these dusty, old tents and had to wear these shaggy ripped clothes"  

Keep an eye out for Abe's fundraising event coming up this October 2017....