Corvallis Public Schools Foundation

INTO Giving is supported young people at Corvallis Public School Foundation with $5,400 (£4,100) in grants over 2016-18.

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INTO Giving is supporting young people at Corvallis Public School Foundation, in Oregon, with $7,900 (£6,100) in grants over 2016-19. All of the schools are local to INTO Oregon State University, and INTO students build their employability and resumes through volunteering at the schools.

Thirty-two percent of students in Corvallis are facing economic hardship; 220 students are currently homeless.

INTO Giving, in partnership with Corvallis Public Schools Foundation supports these students with items such as calculators, art supplies, field trip fees, after-school care, eye exams and glasses, and emergency provisions. The Foundation also provides pathways to graduation for students who need extra assistance. 

In 2017, INTO Giving's grant supported two courses for 40 students learning English as their second language, to boost their academic vocabulary, and their overall speaking and listening skills.



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