Building a school and providing bicycles to rural areas in Cambodia 

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INTO Giving is supporting more than 280 Cambodian schoolchildren through a donation of $12,750 (UK £9,650).

In Cambodia, 7-out-of-10 people live on less than $3 a day, and 90% of those live in rural areas. One of those areas is Siem Reap province, where grinding, unbroken poverty is as real as rain, and where INTO Giving is focusing our support.

In Siem Reap, every other child lives below the poverty line. You might ask what that means.  In real, every day terms it means they live on 25 cents or less a day (20p UK). It also means one-in-every-five children under 9-years old is employed, a figure that more than doubles for 10-14-year-olds.

INTO Giving is supporting Siem Reap’s schoolchildren through:


$10,000 (UK £7,500) to help build a new school. Beng Primary School opened in 2018 and was quickly filled by more than 230 students from local rural villages. All of the students are K-6th grade, and almost half of them are girls.

A new primary school was sorely needed. The old school was weatherworn and dilapidated. It was unsafe. Its old wooden roof leaked during the rainy season – a rainy season that lasts six months.

The new Beng Primary School follows the national curriculum: Khmer language and history, math, writing/reading and English for students in Grade 4 and higher. All teachers are fully trained and certified by the Cambodian Government. Children receive free school meals.



$2,750 (UK $2,150) to provide 50 rural secondary schoolchildren with bicycles. Due to poverty and extraordinary distances between rural villages and rural secondary schools, students have to travel long distances on foot (travel long distances in the rainy season, and in the high heavy heat) where they can’t afford the costs of public transport. This results in low attendance and a high numbers of dropouts. 

Lead teachers from three secondary schools identified 50 students from poor families (students who, again, who are living on no more than 25 cents / 20p a day) in need of school transport.  Each child received a bicycle to get them to and from school. Lead teachers are tracking the academic progress and attendance of the students with bicycles to ensure their correct use.




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