Sun Child Sponsorship, Bangladesh

INTO Giving opened a new e-learning centre and provides support for women teachers who teach girls and boys to use IT and to read.

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INTO Giving supports girls' and boys' education at the Sun Child Sponsorship Program in Bauphal, Bangladesh with £20,600 (US $26,000) over 2016-2019.

At its heart, this is a rescue mission. INTO Giving is helping more than 2,000 eight to 15-year-old schoolchildren learn to read, write and use computers through an IT centre and mobile library. All of the children come from almost merciless poverty, from families where household income is only $310 -$960 a year. 

A few years ago, the Sun Child Sponsorship Program built a youth centre for local children, but there was never any money to run it. 

INTO Giving changed all of that. We provided the Sun Child centre with IT equipment, tables, chairs, learning materials, and money toward general repairs. 

There’s more: we’re also supporting two librarians/computer trainers (both of whom, importantly, are women, thus girls and their parents will feel secure about using the centre and its computers) to work at the centre and mobile library, and books for the children to read.


Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, is desperately poor. Seventy-seven million people* – around one-half of the entire population – live below the poverty line, and more than one-third subsist on less than $1 (70 pence) a day. Most of these are children.


Since INTO Giving began supporting Sun Child in June 2016, the new mobile library is helping more than 1,400 children (almost half are girls) learn to read or improve their reading. Meanwhile, 600 schoolchildren (two-thirds of them girls) have learned how to use email, MS Word, and how to use the internet.


*77 million is so large a figure it's difficult to visualise. But, as a point of reference close to or even encompassing home, 77 million people living in deep poverty equals:

UNITED STATES – the entire populations of Colorado, Alabama, Oregon, Minnesota, South Carolina, West Virginia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Iowa, Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, Idaho, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming, and Washington DC

EUROPE – the combined populations of London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Istanbul, Athens, Vienna, Warsaw, Barcelona, Moscow, Madrid, Munich, Milan, Prague, St Petersburg, plus the entire population of Ireland and the whole of Sweden.

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