The Malagiri School has faced many challenges, including the devastating earthquake in 2015 which destroyed some of the school buildings -- tents were used for many months while additional funds were raised for a repair and rebuild programme.

The school has become an important part of the community and is attended by more and more children each year, and relies 100% on charitable donations to pay for teaching, support staff, materials and to ensure that each child has a hot meal each and every day.  

INTO Giving is keeping the school running through helping provide basic costs. Please join us in supporting this project children at Malagiri. Your donation, regardless of size, will make a real and immediate impact.

For example:

•           £5 could pay for a week's supply of gas and electricity at the school

•           £10 could pay for a hot school meal for three children for a week

•           £30 could pay for an assistant teacher for a week