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INTO Giving is supporting child literacy witn $13,500 (UK £10,500)

How can you help?

INTO Giving is supporting child literacy and teacher training in Guatemala with donations totalling $13,500 (UK £10,500) through a partnership with GLXi, the Global Learning Exchange.

GLXi was founded in 2013 and deployed its first classroom in 2014 in an after-school model. Now in 2019 the program is being taught in 42 classrooms, in 5 regions of Guatemala.

The model works to improve teacher sustainability and student retention in a country where many teachers themselves cannot pass literacy assessments, 2 million children do not attend school, and those who do attend school often leave by 5th grade due to inability to properly read and write. 

Through INTO Giving, we are providing classroom materials and teacher training. When you support INTO Giving, you are helping children learn to read and supporting teachers. 

Why it's important: 

Poor quality education is an obstacle to sustainable opportunity and economic growth. Lack of classroom materials, resources and qualified teachers along with the abysmal conditions of many school facilities leaves most Guatemalans lacking a primary education. Primary school teachers receive minimum training and many do not pass the standardised tests for maths or reading.

When considering solutions to world poverty, education affects all others, including boosting economic growth and income.

According to USAID “Long-term, sustainable development and improved equity in Guatemala will only be possible if education of children and youth continues to improve.”  


Just $3 or $3 a month will change a child's life for the better.

It will change your life too.


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