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INTO Giving has donated £14,500 to help build two new classrooms, two dormitories and provide classroom materi…

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INTO Giving has donated £14,500 to help build two new classrooms, two dormitories and provide classroom materials and school food to disadvantaged secondary schoolchildren at the Mugiti Community School. 287 young people (of whom 53% are girls) attend the school. 

In the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are providing an additional £1,000 (US $1,300) in emergency relief, providing soap and water to more than 1,000 families and educating 10,000 about staying safe from the virus.

In Uganda, 83% of 16-25-year-olds are unemployed but the elderly and extended families are reliant on them to support them with basic food, water and medicine. Education chamnge all of that - for the better.

Budaka is one of the poorest districts in Uganda with access to education being a real challenge and one in eight children having never been to school. On top of this, 23.8% of children aged 10-17 years are illiterate and 40.5% of the population do not having access to drinking water. 

2020/21 update: the new classrooms and all-round school works were completed in March 2020 and the school itself will reopen in 2021 once the coronavirus has subsided.

“Most people aren’t serious in helping us and give up after a short time to move onto to something new. You people are genuine and don’t think about yourselves, but you are here to support us to help us.

I don’t know where you get your strength and love for us but bless you for everything you have done. Our children will now have a future and you have done something that will never be forgotten...”  -- Community Elder

£5 or $5 will provide a child with classroom learning materials.

It will change her life, it will change his.

It will change yours too.


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