Twice as Nice

You give once, together we help twice.


For vulnerable schoolchildren and COVID-19 relief.

TWICE AS NICE is a special new campaign supporting COVID-19 relief and research across the Americas, Asia and the UK – and at the same time supporting schoolchildren at INTO Giving’s family of developing world education projects, who are themselves struggling to cope with Covid-19 in their own communities.

Every $1 or £1 you donate to help schoolchildren through INTO Giving triggers an additional $2 or £2 pay-out supporting COVID-19 research and relief from our strategic projects fund.

Through TWICE AS NICE, we’re aiming to donate $37,000 (£30,000 UK) to COVID-19 charities, and another $18,000 (£15,000 UK) to help schoolchildren at INTO Giving projects.

Please click here to see a brand new video on schoolchildren you’ll be helping – and how – anytime you support INTO Giving. 

By donating through TWICE AS NICE, you will

  • help fund the development of a Covid-19 vaccine
  • help people in need in communities across the US and the UK
  • help develop low-cost, patent-free ventilators
  • helping people in dozens of countries across the developing world

You’re helping in no small way.

You’re part of the solution.

We’re in this together and together we can beat this.

INTO Giving has already made our first round of donations supporting COVID-19 research and relief through £20,000 (US $24,000) of donations.

TWICE AS NICE donations will support:

World Health Organisation – helping develop a COVID-19 vaccine 

Feeding America – providing food to US people in need during the COVID-19 outbreak

British Red Cross – providing medical supplies and quarantine outreach across the UK

Give2Asia – support for front line health workers in 23 countries dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak

University of Sao Paolo INSPIRE - providing funds to build ventilators

Each of the five charities – Feed America, British Red Cross, Give2Asia, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the University of Sao Paulo - will receive equal shares of TWICE AS NICE funds raised

And whether it’s the first round of grants, or those now, through TWICE AS NICE, it’s you whose made them possible.


********* REMEMBER **********

INTO is granting INTO employees, wherever we are in the world, an *EXTRA VOLUNTEERING DAY* (in addition to the annual two you already receive) to use for COVID-19 support. Help locally, help nationally or internationally. Register your volunteering time on INTO People (Workday)


PS- For any and all online shoppers, you can support INTO Giving at no extra cost by signing up for Give as You Live and Amazon Smile. They donate a portion of your spend to your chosen charity, and it costs you nothing!