The Peter M Goodrich Foundation

Building a library in Afghanistan to create an improved learning environment 

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The Peter M. Goodrich Memorial Foundation was created following Peter's death on September 11, 2001 – Peter died when flight 175 hit the World Trade Center. His mother started the charity in his name.

The foundation’s purpose is to support a love of learning, give aid to those in need, and help discover means of peaceful passage through perilous places. Through their work, they strive to give people a clear understanding of the world and its people.

INTO Giving’s £7500 / $9500 grant will furnish the library at the Haider Abad School, Bamyan Province, Afghanistan, with desks, shelves, furniture, computers, books and the salary and training for a librarian. At the moment, the library is under construction and expected to be completed in mid 2018.

The library will serve1,300 primary and secondary school students, of whom approximately 44% are girls. It will be the first school library in the province. Library books will cover a wide array of subjects including Science, History, Literature, Poetry, Politics, English and Religious Studies. Students will be more motivated to create a better future for themselves in the improved learning environment.

Why it's important

Three decades of conflict devastated Afghanistan’s education systems and institutions, including under the Taliban between 1996 - 2001. In 2002, only an estimated one million children - the vast majority of them boys - attended school. Women and girls were almost completely excluded from education. Since then, the Afghan government and international donors have worked together to help thousands of Afghan girls and boys in remote provinces attend classes

Today, due to the efforts of international donors and the Afghan government, more than 9.2 million children are enrolled in a school of which 39% are girls, according to the Afghan Ministry of Education.

Bamyan Province is home to the region's only university, offering young people an opportunity for progression after school.

Peter M. Goodrich Memorial Foundation is constantly working on peaceful reactions to conflict and terrorism.

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