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Funding education fees and career programmes for children in Uganda 

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The Alliance for African Assistance was founded in 1989 in San Diego, California. It was founded by Walter Lam, a refugee, with the original aim of addressing the many needs of San Diego’s growing African refugee population. The Alliance for African Assistance has remained unceasing in its dedication to providing social, cultural, and educational support and guidance to all refugees in their resettlement process. Alongside the organisation’s work in San Diego, they also work directly with communities in Uganda.

In a village in northern Uganda that was affected by the same war that caused their CEO to flee as a refugee, the organisation works to benefit the youth of the Acholi tribe located in Northern Uganda as well as their community and future generations. Alliance believes that education helps children with scarce resources to change their reality, overcome poverty, and become economically self-sufficient innovators in their community. This tribe has been traumatised by a decades-long war leaving many orphaned and with little hope. Children who are left without education and a plan for the future are more likely to engage in crime and perpetuate the cycle of poverty, often leading to physical and mental health problems.

For over 20 years, Northern Uganda has been entangled in a brutal war. Over the course of this conflict, many atrocities were committed against the civilian population such as abductions, mutilations, torture, sexual violence, and killings. It is estimated that over 20,000 children were abducted into the ranks as child soldiers, and over 1.6 million have been forced to flee from their homes. This prolonged conflict has had a devastating effect on the Acholi population. There is a lot of work required to assisting the community as they begin to rebuild and heal from the traumas incurred during the war. It is Alliances’ commitment to foster programs to help in this process.

INTO Giving’s £7,000 / $9250 grant will be allocated towards children’s educational fees, and to the Career Readiness Project that provides these Acholi tribe children with a plan for advancing their schooling towards a vocational or post-secondary education through workshops, guidance, assessments, mentors and incentives.

On the Sponsorship Programme, students are 4-20 years old and there are currently 130 children, of whom 44% are girls.

The Career Readiness Programme is currently geared to Primary Seven students which include children roughly between the ages of 12-16, and 43% are girls.

Providing an education and guidance towards a career path will not only strengthen the future of the child but also the community. And, of course, their children will benefit as well.


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