Sierra Leone

We've got big ideas and big hopes for INTO Giving's up-and-coming project in Sierra Leone.

How can you help?

Since 2008, INTO Giving has supported more than 20 educational projects in a dozen different countries, run by charity partners. But we've never had a project to call our very own, something with our name on it, where INTO students and staff and our university partners can roll up their sleeves and lend a hand.

That's about to change. Thanks to your year-on-year generosity, and that of INTO Giving's chairman, who matches everything raised by INTO Giving, we've got nearly £200,000 (US $260,000) to help get the project up and running. It's a great start.

In 2016, INTO Giving began investigating where to open our own project, and what exactly that project will do.

Those investigations have finally led us to Sierra Leone, where education has struggled to recover from the country's long and brutal civil war (1991 - 2002) and an Ebola epidemic (2014-15) that saw its borders shut to international aid workers and travel bans across Africa and the Americas.

We've got big ideas and big hopes for this project, and have laid down the cornerstones. We want to:

  • Solve very real and very big educational needs named by the community the project will serve. These include the provision of:
    • school buildings and equipment
    • teacher recognition, teacher incentives and teacher training
  • Give INTO faculty and our university partners real and tangible opportunities to share and act on their expertise
  • Provide volunteering opportunities for INTO students and employees

The first stage of INTO Giving Sierra Leone kicks off in autumn 2017. We're gathering advice from all quarters on Sierra Leone educational needs. That means we're talking with parents, schoolchildren, teachers, tribal councillors, local and regional government officials, teacher training colleges and sister charities working in the area.

Once we finish gathering advice, the project will start to take real shape, stage by stage, as we roll ahead into 2018 and 2019. There'll be hands-on opportunities for INTO employees and students and faculty and students from INTO University partners to lend expertise, to volunteer, to roll up your sleeves and get involved.

Watch this space: there's a whole lot about to happen!

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