Matched Giving

Penny for penny, our chairman matches everything you raise for or donate to INTO Giving

INTO Giving's chairman, Andrew Colin, matches every penny (or euro, rupee, rouble, renminbi, peso...anything goes) that you donate or raise for INTO Giving's family of education projects. Put plainly, your donation gets doubled.

For the ins-and-outs of INTO Giving matching donations, please see below.


INTO Giving matched giving NO 1 - the time-honoured traditional method


When you raise money for or donate money to INTO Giving's global family of education projects, all of the money goes towards one or more of our education projects. All of it. For a peek at our projects, please click here.

Meanwhile, INTO Giving's chairman matches your donation penny-for-penny. The matched donations will be used to open a brand new INTO Giving project in Sierra Leone.

To see how it works take a peek at the illustrations below.


INTO Giving matched giving No 2 - NEW iGive programme

Much like the time-honoured traditional method, if you fundraise for a cause close to your own heart through INTO Giving's iGive programme, our chairman will match every penny of it.

This matched funding is allocated toward INTO Giving opening our own education project in Sierra Leone.

That's two projects you'll be supporting. One of your own choice, and INTO Giving's soon-to-be project in Sierra Leone

Only there's more. Because you've chosen to channel the money you've raised for a cause close to your own heart through our iGive programme, we're going to top it up by an extra 20% (up to £5000 / $6500). 

Let's say you raise $100. Here are two examples of how it works: