Jusoor School, Beirut

INTO Giving is donating £8,500 (11,000 $US) to support refugee Syrian schoolchildren at the Jusoor School in Beirut, Lebanon. At present, there are 350 children at the school. The children range from age six to 17 years old, but most are aged just six to eight. 

Over one million schoolchildren are among the countless people who have fled from Syria to Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq. More than 400,000 of those in Lebanon are school-aged, but 310,000 are not in school. To them, school can provide not just education, but some sense of normality, a bit of support. And, most importantly, a small amount of hope. Jusoor School in Beirut offers all this to hundreds of Syrian children whose lives and families have been decimated by war. 

The new school is in the Nowayri neighbourhood of Beirut. INTO Giving is completely renovating the school building – its seven classrooms, six bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, stairwells and walls, electricity, water, and the 300 metre playground.

The new Jusoor School will also have a new computer lab, with twelve laptops and 50 tablets, and a library with more than 200 books. Renovation begins in summer 2016, and will be completed by winter.

Why it’s important

  • More than one million schoolchildren are among the countless people and families who have fled from the Syrian Civil War to Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq.
  • Although 400,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon are school-aged, most – 310,000, in fact – are not in school. For these children, school provides not just education, but some sense of normality, support and hope.

Picture a Jusoor School classroom, with 30 or 40 children at desks paid for by a fundraising event you are hosting; seated on chairs that you’re running a 10K or a marathon to help buy; and using laptops and reading books bought with proceeds from your charity day.

The sounds you hear are familiar to everyone in classrooms all around the world. Normality is resumed for a few hours as a child repeats a story, another asks a question, another shifts in their seat as they quietly take it all in. Life and learning closer to where it should be, thanks to you.

Please remember, every penny raised for or donated to INTO Giving will be matched by INTO Giving’s Chairman, penny for penny, pound for pound, dollar for dollar.