December 19th 2016

Our Supporting Project in Bangladesh has already reached over 500 children aged 7-11 years old 

Since Bangladesh split from Pakistan forty-five-years ago, and became its own nation, it has struggled to alleviate poverty. Today some 77 million people live below the poverty line.

 The majority of these are children. INTO Giving donated £5,600 to help ensure education for these young people. 


Seventy-seven million is so large a figure that it’s hard to visualise.  In other terms it is the combined populations of: London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Istanbul, Athens, Vienna, Warsaw, Barcelona, Moscow, Madrid, Munich, Milan, Prague, St Petersburg, plus the entire population of Ireland and the whole of Sweden – all living in poverty.

Distressed Children International’s Sun Child Sponsorship Programme protects the rights of children, stops child labour and lifts children from poverty through education. INTO Giving’s funding has opened a youth club and computer centre, and kick-started a mobile library for local children.

Beginning in July 2016, computer training at the youth centre today reached a thousand 12-16-year-olds (half of these are girls), from four local secondary schools. Children learn valuable skills that many of us would take for granted, things like researching online and creating report. 

Meanwhile the mobile library will tour the region - all of it rural, with many remote villages -reaching more than 500 7-11-year-olds, as well as the thousand secondary schoolchildren also receiving IT training.

Initially, the project planned to hire one female and one male to work as librarians. However, in rural Bangladesh, people are very conservative. Women want to work, but transportation and proximity to schools is an issue. To solve this problem, instead of one woman, we recruited two women, Mithin and Sonia, who currently live close to the schools where they work. Now they have completed training the library and computer centre is fully functional and the surrounding communities have already shown a large interest. The project also has two trained program managers who help with computer training courses.

If you would like to do an event – big or small or somewhere in between – to support children in Bangladesh, or at any of INTO Giving’s project, but aren’t sure what to do or how to go about doing it, everything you need to know is here, in the new How To Kits.  Likewise, if you have any questions, please email Naomi at


“Children, school teachers and parents are thrilled to have this opportunity available to them and DCI is extremely grateful to INTO-Giving for sponsoring and supporting this valuable and enriching project.” DCI Tutor

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