"Muli bwanji? Translates to 'how are you?'. 'Bwino' is the positive response. If you are feeling confident you can ask them back with 'Kaya anzathu?'. It may be early to be learning another language but looking back, I realise I haven't stopped learning since I arrived in Lusaku last week.These kids, these wonderful, energetic, thoughtful, hopeful kids are teaching me about Zambia. They are sharing their culture, their lives, their joys and sorrows and dreams, but this morning, it's their language."

Helping in the Gambia, I-CCO in Zambia and the Mercy Poonsab Preschool project all welcome volunteers.  Qualified teachers and nurses can help make a difference but anyone with a background in sport, art, music, drama, IT skills, administration, etc can also make a significant contribution.  Term time is the best period to get involved.

I-CCO run two holiday camps for the orphans: one during the Easter break and another in the summer holidays. These are camps at which the I-CCO staff run morning sessions on PSHE issues including HIV/Aids, family planning, bullying and the importance of education but the afternoons are given over to more physical activities, including sport, drama, singing, and craft making.

I first found out about the Poonsab Preschool from INTO Giving when they came to present to us at INTO St George’s. As an international student from Thailand who has benefitted from a good education and been given a great opportunity to study abroad, I felt that helping these children would be the least I could do. So, I volunteered during my Christmas break when I went back to Thailand...the most significant thing that my visit taught me was the importance of giving back to society.”

Read the blog by Panchanit Horsaengchai, INTO St George's student, at the Poonsab Preschool, Christmas 2014